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Since Dad's the pastor, I hear a lot of news about church members before anyone else does. That includes the positive stuff, like when Greg was planning to propose to Christine, or when our choir director found out he was going to be a father (well, okay, a father for the fourth time, but still good news).

That also includes news like this.

The son of one of our elderly members was out bicycling with his daughter yesterday afternoon. He hit a bump on the road, took a tumble, knocked his head on the pavement. Got up, felt more or less fine. No blood. He used his cell phone to call home, admitted to his wife he had done a very stupid thing (he hadn't been wearing a helmet). Said he was coming home, cleaning up, and going to the hospital just to be safe.

He gets home, he takes a shower... and as he's getting dressed he realizes his fingers aren't working well enough to button his shirt. Now concerned, he and his wife head to the hospital, who give him a few quick tests and immediately move him to the trauma clinic. His skull had been cracked and his brain was flooded with blood. Dad got the call in the middle of dinner, and both he and Mom rushed over to be their with his family as the doctors worked.

This morning he was pronounced brain-dead. It was his anniversary.

I didn't know the guy personally (and I'm almost positive you don't either, JW, before you ask), but I do know his mother fairly well. I also know he left behind a wife and two children under the age of ten, one of whom personally witnessed the accident that eventually killed him.

People, wear a helmet.
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I spent a good chunk of this week doing an odd job: a friend of my boss is going out of business and needed his stock photographed and inventoried. That took a couple days, but the pay was good. He sells wheelchairs and other accessories for the "mobility-impaired," including a few antiques that I doubt there's a market for (but he likes them, so who knows?)

Anyway, if you or anyone you know would like a used wheelchair (manual or motorized) or a motor scooter and lives within driving distance of San Jose, California, contact me and I'll pass the word along. All are operational. One of the chairs we've sold is going to be used as parts for a BattleBot, so don't be shy about your needs -- just drop me a line. ShireNomad at hotmail.
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[ profile] lafinjack is an asshole. Those who want to know why, visit his journal and look at his main icon (which he's been using all over the place), UNLESS YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED HARRY POTTER 6, in which case I suggest you ban him immediately and pre-emptively (the command is "ban_set lafinjack") and insist that all your friends do the same. Actually, do that whether you've read the book or not; jackasses like that deserve to be ignored.
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I will probably not have access to Harry Potter 6 tomorrow. Or the next day. In fact, it'll probably be at least a week, if not two, before I get my hands on a copy.

With that in mind, for the sake of both myself and others in my situation: DO NOT POST SPOILERS. Not even hints; you'd be amazed what my mind can deduce without me even wanting it to (I figured out the obligatory victim of HP5 ahead of schedule thanks to some offhanded remark). I want any Potter commentary whatsoever behind clearly marked lj-cuts (here's a link on how to make them, so you have no excuse), and I want it that way for a month to be safe, do you hear?

In short, if you spoil me, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

News flash:

Jun. 3rd, 2005 08:52 am
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Free Krispy Kremes!

(In other news, why the hell is my connection running so slow? Experts report in with their opinions...)
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If you've got a credit card or debit card, watch your statements for "Pluto D" or some variant thereof. I got hit by these guys around the 7th and didn't notice until today when my statement arrived; thankfully, the bank was all to happy to refund my money AND send me a new card once I explained the situation (banks usually do), but I'm without a working charge card for the next few days. And, of course, it's going to be really hard tracking the bastards down.

More information:

I'm notsure filing more complaints with the BBB is going to do much good -- they've already received hundreds and they still can't seem to actually find these Pluto D people -- but by all means get your money back.


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