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From [ profile] pretzelcoatl:

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/TV shows/literary works and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

ETA: Since it's been 24 hours, I've updated the remainder with the category of work as hints.

ETA 2: 48 hours, so I'm adding the genre.

1. (VIDEO GAME) Siblings argue over how to inherit their father's legacy. (Baldur's Gate, guessed by [ profile] westmarked)
2. (MOVIE, WAR DARK COMEDY) A man's sexual frustrations cause him to make some questionable decisions at work. Hilarity Ensues. (Dr. Strangelove, guessed by [ profile] surgo)
3. Dead people fight other dead people but almost never to the death.(Bleach, guessed by [ profile] tozetre)
4. Evil billionaire rebuilds family heirloom on top of New York City skyscraper, unleashes Noble Demon creatures that really don't like to get up in the morning. (Gargoyles, guessed by [ profile] bugen)
5. Scientist, police officer afraid of water and war veteran go fishing. With explosives.(Jaws, guessed by [ profile] mahmoth, with honorable mention to [ profile] thunderphoenix)
6. Japanese schoolgirls hang out. (Azumanga Daioh, guessed by [ profile] bugen)
7. A man wears sunglasses at night, so he can fight crime. Then the government. Then conspiracy nuts. (Deus Ex, guessed by [ profile] moltare)
8. A college professor joins forces with a bartender to fight an entire army over a box that will kill you if you try to open it. (Raiders of the Lost Ark, guessed by [ profile] tozetre)
9. (COMIC BOOK) Emo Kid breaks out of prison, gets his jewelry off some weirdos, gets into trouble thanks to a White Haired Pretty Boy and tries to get his sister to accept him. (Sandman, guessed by [ profile] thunderphoenix)
10. Holocaust survivor turns Statue of Liberty into deadly weapon. (X-Men (movie), guessed by [ profile] tozetre)
11. A miner and a delinquent team up with an underage girl for the purpose of fighting a race war. (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, guessed by [ profile] westmarked)
12. Ninja detective fights mad scientist that wears a bag on his head. (Batman Begins, guessed by [ profile] pretzelcoatl)
13. Family comedy about a young child who is abandoned by his family and robbed in his own home. On Christmas Eve. (Home Alone, guessed by [ profile] bugen)
14. A prince must pick up litter in order to make up for his father's alcoholism. (Katamari Damacy, guessed by [ profile] bugen)
15. Two former celebrities and their children fight a wannabe ex-fan. (The Incredibles, guessed by [ profile] bugen)
16. (THEATER) Young man suffers from mental illness, hallucinates, desecrates a grave, then murders his family. (Hamlet, guessed by [ profile] shadeykins)
17. Thieves kidnap a young princess as part of a political coup. They're the good guys. (Final Fantasy IX, guessed by [ profile] pretzelcoatl)
Yeah, this one was maybe too tough... --> 18. (ANIME, SCI-FI ACTION/COMEDY) A young boy has disagreements with his new maid. (FLCL, guessed by no one
19. The last human in existence drifts through space in a vast abandoned ship. It's a comedy. (Red Dwarf, guessed by [ profile] bugen)
20. Prisoners concoct elaborate escape plan with help from an American circus acrobat after learning that their captors intend to turn them into pies. (Chicken Run, guessed by [ profile] pretzelcoatl)
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