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Well, buried in the crew list. And I wish they'd gone with my design for the title; this one's too Godfather. But the trailer works well. Watch it.
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Remember this project? Well, I've been bumped up to production assistant. In essence, a production assistant makes sure contracts are signed, permits to film are secured, and people are informed of when things need to happen. (I'm still not getting paid, though I may see a cut of the profits if there are any, and it looks good on a resume regardless.)

For the most part, I could do all this stuff on the side without difficulty -- an email here, a phone call there -- but Friday started reshoots. Which meant there was a big rush coming up to Friday to make sure everyone would be there and that all our paperwork was handled. Then we actually started filming. I got a ride to the first location, since it was an hour away in San Francisco, and got the signatures from a couple of actors for something that needed to be handled right away. I also introduced myself to most of the crew, whom I hadn't met face to face until now, and then mostly just sat back and watched the actors and the director go to it.

The group assembled on location around 6pm. Eight hours later...

If I had known my ride couldn't get me home until 3 in the morning, I would have said screw the price of gas, driven myself, and left as soon as I was no longer necessary, but I figured it wouldn't take longer than four hours... we were only shooting three scenes, for crying out loud! But first the lighting all had to be set up. And then the actors, directors, and producers had to debate over the script for the updated scenes. And then we waited a bit for the sun to go down. And then they did about 20 billion takes for the first scene alone, interrupted by both the failure of the primary generator (we had a secondary, fortunately) and the sudden arrival of rain. Compound this with the fact that I had been up since 8 am running down a permit for Saturday's filming, and I was ready to pass out by the time we got back. So I did...

And slept through two alarms, finally waking up about twelve hours later. I was really glad I had permission to show up for Saturday's reshoot "whenever."

Anyway, being well-rested, I enjoyed Saturday a lot more, appreciating the shooting (which mostly consisted of the lead getting shoved against a wall, but hey!), chatting with the other crewmembers, and keeping myself busy most of the evening. And there was no shoot today, nothing I need to attend tomorrow, and I may get Tuesday off as well, which leaves only Wednesday. So I may recover yet.

Ah, show biz.
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An old friend of mine has been part of an indy film project for about a year now. He's trying to find people to help with digitizing the footage and editing it, so I volunteered.

For free.

In other words, it's basically an internship, but this is something I wouldn't mind helping the guy with, and it is professional experience in a field I'd be all too happy to join. And I can always leave on a moment's notice if it doesn't work out.

I'll be going in two or three times a week for the next month or so. We'll see what happens.


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