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Sep. 8th, 2007 12:34 pm
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I've been very busy dealing with two developments, which explains why I haven't been posting much lately.

The first is law school applications. You may remember I was looking into this a couple years ago, but law school's obviously not something you commit to on a whim... and okay, I was basically stalling on the decision. But this year, I'm definitely applying. That means collecting all the information I need, writing a good personal statement, getting recommendations, and finding money for the application fees. Preferably by the end of October, so I get in on early enrollment for all schools concerned.

The second and more complicated task is finding a new place to live by October 1st. I've basically outgrown my current room (it was pretty crowded when I first moved in and is only getting worse); that plus the sudden introduction of two dogs as of a month or so ago, and the relocation of our department 15 miles south to Irvine (my primary reason for choosing this location was its proximity to the office), has led me to decide it's time to move on. The trick is finding something that is both large enough and within my price range... given Irvine housing prices, I'll may need some divine help for this one. There are a couple options that seem promising, though (if somewhat more than I wanted to spend) and a third that I'll be checking on Monday. Fingers crossed.
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After some slow going (and occasional foot-dragging), I got a couple contacts in the legal profession (through Troy, our bible study leader, whom I was not aware had also considered law as a degree in the past). They'll be recommending yet other contacts, and one of them said he could find me some people in patent law. He also recommended the possibility of court researcher -- the guys who look over courtroom motions and recommend to the judge whether to accept them or laugh them out of chambers. I hadn't considered the option but, after looking at the job description, it sounded right up my alley: lots of research, lots of brief-writing, not much arguing my case vocally (and what there is will be made to the same judge or set of judges, so I'll get comfortable with them quick), and best of all, I get to argue what I believe is right, not what my client wants me to argue. And if I get comfortable in the court, there's a good potential for moving up to a judge position.

On an unrelated note, where the smeg did my towels disappear to?
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Just got a call from Pam (my ex-boss the lawyer), who got the news regarding my conquest of the LSAT... and who now wants me to apply to all the law schools; hurry hurry hurry!

I told her the deadlines for most of the applications were in two months or less; that includes transcripts, letters of recommendation (which NEVER come when you want them), essays (which I'll want to make several drafts for), etc etc. Some law schools are already sending out their initial wave of acceptance letters. Everything in the training book (which got me this far) suggests that if I haven't started the application process by September, best to wait until the next year. And I haven't even decided where I want to apply yet; Stanford's definitely going to be on my list, and with my score I think I've got a good shot at it, but beyond that I'm clueless.

She says, yeah, that's why you need to hurry.

...no, seriously. Pam, I appreciate that you're trying to encourage me, and I'm thankful that you pointed me in this direction in the first place, but right now I'm employed full-time, which means a) no rush needed, b) don't really have the time TO rush (not if I want to keep my sanity, anyway), and c) the longer I wait, the more of a college nest-egg I'll have built. I'll start compiling a list of schools to apply to, but I'd rather do this right than do this fast.

Boo. Ya.

Oct. 21st, 2005 05:25 pm
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Dear Christopher Reaves,

LSAC account number: [snip]

Your October 01, 2005 LSAT score is 169. The percentile rank is 97.

A copy of your LSAT Score Report will be available in the LSAT section of the MY DOCS folder in your Online Services account at www.lsac.org. Other test related documents (in accordance with LSAC disclosure policies) may also be available in the folder.

Law School Admission Council
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Remember when I said I'd be happy if I completed three out of four puzzles in the logic games section? Well, I'm happy.

Not as happy as I could have been; I took too long on the reading comprehension and wound up not answering the last three questions, which I never did on the practice exams. (Well, to be more accurate, I answered, I just didn't read the questions. You don't get penalized for guessing wrong on the LSAT, so anyone looking at my answer sheet will see Bs down the line in a couple places.) Still, completing 18 logic game questions as opposed to my usual 12 more than makes up for it. Unless my wrong answer rate was distinctly worse than usual, I'm in the 90th percentile no problem, and 95th is not a long shot.

We also, thankfully, had a relaxed proctor, who was experienced enough at running these things to handle it without confusion and even break with procedure a little when he knew it would be more efficient without loss of effectiveness. He also wasn't afraid to joke around a bit to relax us.

Only real downer was that we finished at 1:30pm... and I was still there four hours later. I know the cell phone numbers of precisely three people in the area and they're all coworkers, which means they were spending the entire day moving stuff into the new office. (Yes, we've got a new office; more on that later when I'm not exhausted.) So Brian's hooking up the server and Allen's keeping things organized and I don't know what Hacker was doing, but he was busy too, so none of them were free for hours. I should feel lucky, I suppose, that I had a good excuse not to be there (then again, the work might have counted toward my paycheck, so maybe not). I should also feel lucky that Brian was able to get me there in the first place, for which I am grateful, even if I did bribe him with breakfast at Coco's. And I should feel lucky I brought reading material, which kept me occupied for four hours in an empty college building.

Went home, ate, then rewarded myself with Serenity. (That, too, will come when I'm less exhausted.) Tomorrow I also intend to take off. The book says to spend the next couple days relaxing, as I've earned it. The book is wise.
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Think I'm about as prepped for the LSAT as I'm going to get. I've reviewed all the tips and tricks in the study book Allen let me borrow (thank you, Allen). I've gone through four practice tests and I didn't see any particular improvement between Test #3 and Test #4. Logic puzzle section keeps getting left unfinished when its 35 minutes are up, but I'm pretty much resigned to that by now; I'll feel really good if I can finish 75% of that come Saturday. I can still easily make 95th percentile with that score.

Anyway, the study book also recommends not to bother cramming or studying the night before; rather, do something enjoyable to set your mind at ease. I'm interpreting that as a command from the LSAT gods to watch Serenity Friday evening. (Everyone who hasn't seen the series yet, you have until midnight to buy, rent, or borrow the box set and watch all 12 episodes, so you're good and addicted come tomorrow. East Coasters, you may need to invent a time machine first.)
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A friend helped me pick up a full time position at a circuit board manufacturer last Friday. It was officially temporary -- only for a few days -- but they're already keeping me through to the end of the week, which seems like a good sign that they might be keeping me even longer. Certainly it was enough to make Pam, who can't afford to match either the hours or the pay rate, panic that she'd lost me as an assistant for good. On the other hand, it's largely trained monkey work: right now I've been mostly just running one of the machines, feeding half-finished boards through, making sure nothing jams, and delivering the results to the next room for further processing. But it's a living...

Except now I got another offer from a college buddy down south who wants to bring me on as a QA guy. This is another temp position, but it'll last considerably longer (at least to the end of the year) and, like the circuit board job, looks like it could develop into something more permanent. Pays a little less, but is more the kind of work I've been interested in, and should they keep me around, I'll likely get a decent raise. And it'll look more impressive on a resume even if it doesn't work out. But it involves packing up and moving 350 miles south on relatively short notice (if only the bare essentials until I'm sure I'll still be there in January).

And either way, Pam is going to be cheezed. ^^;
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My boss and I went to the IRS today to speak on behalf of a client. We also brought the client and his accountant. So that's four people in the auditor's cubicle. This was deliberate. Not only for the psychological effect of having her outnumbered, but also because if she asked about something she thought questionable, at least one of us always had an answer. Anyway, we got out of the audit with our client getting the full deserved refund (four grand), so mission accomplished.

Side note: outside the local IRS office is a bronze statue, depicting a nude woman. She's slumped to her knees and looks exhausted. It's a really well-done piece. Nonetheless, I couldn't resist commenting on how appropriate it was for the IRS to have a naked, defeated person on their doorstep.

(In other news, my City of Heroes trial ended at 10am this morning, and for the sake of my wallet and my sleep schedule, I've decided not to renew. Sorry, Falgorn, but Flamemaiden has retired.)
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My boss treated me out to Star Wars this morning. Hey, who needs to work for Google? (Which, I am informed, packed the theater next door to us.)

First, the pre-show entertainment... that is, three-hundred-plus geeks in a packed space with nothing to distract them but advertisement slides. Naturally, the traditional beachball had to come out. We got a bit more action when someone knocked it back to the best costume in the house: a really well-done wookie in the back row. He hammed it up for a moment to cheers before tossing it back (which may have been a mistake, because he got targeted more than anyone else over the next hour, just to get him to stand again).

Previews came up. Fantastic Four, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. War of the Worlds. The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl, which I can't imagine would get advertised on any other PG-13 movie. No Serenity, unfortunately. But then came a trailer with four British kids, and as people started recognizing what they were seeing the first glimpses of... well, when the wardrobe opened, I swear it got more cheers and applause than anything in the actual movie.

Here come the spoilers! )
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I've been working for a friend of Mom's for a bit, in case I forgot to mention that earlier. She's a lawyer. But a disorganized one. Which means I spend most of the time at the office rooting through the mess she calls her filing system for whatever she needs at the moment. (I don't care; I get paid by the hour.)

Also occasionally make runs to some courthouse or another to get some case file. If I start doing this on a regular basis, I'll need to find somewhere to keep my pocketknife besides my keyring, because most courts don't allow weapons -- even inch-long blades. Gets annoying to have to take it off the ring and leave it in the car... gets even MORE annoying if I have to head back to the car because I forgot and brought it with me.

Anyway, today was lots of photocopying at the law library, and a visit to the courthouse clerk... wait, what? *double-takes at the sign outside the clerk's office* Somehow an "f" had fallen off the sign, which meant I was visiting the "CLERKS OF ICE".

And across the hall, the Clerks of Fire, with the Clerks of Wind on the next floor... ^^


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