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I'm overdue to put these up, but here's some of the fun scenes from AX:

Cut for large images, duh. )
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The last week of October, I shelled out for a month of City of Heroes. Unfortunately, what was then one of my two reasons for doing so, the expected Halloween event, never happened. Rats. But the other reason was that Lady Dream was doing the same, and by golly, the Angels need to stick together! So here we are, out of early retirement, bringing justice to Paragon City... and getting much less rest for our efforts. If you've been wondering why I haven't been very visible the past couple weeks, now you know.

I hit level 20 early on, ran my costume mission, and then spent twenty minutes fiddling with my new threads only to get disconnected. (The server wasn't being entirely polite that day.) Decided I was wasting enough of Lady D's time, gave up, and killed off some Tsoo for the last mission of the night. Then I came back yesterday and gave Flamemaiden some proper street clothes to run around in. )

And of course, finally I had to set up a keybind for Flamemaiden to say something appropriately righteous and change into her superhero tights whenever villainy strikes!

Speaking of which, I went a little nuts with the keybinds this time around... I dug up some online guides on the subject and cranked out basic situational responses (in character) for things like "need help", "incoming monsters", and so forth, as well as a cycling list of six taunt phrases and climbing.

Anyway, for some reason, we're attracting the attention of giant robots. )

Oh yeah, there IS a third reason to play: Brian got his hands on a trial, and Thomas has been getting back into things by pre-ordering City of Villains. Only problem is that they both decided to play on Infinity and Flame's on Pinnacle. So I figured I was overdue for a second toon, and created Winchester. )

On a related but sadder note, Lady Dream has a cat in real life, who at the moment is seriously ill. I'm sure she'd appreciate some prayer.
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Yup, picked up the demo of City of Heroes last week and have been pretty busy. Time to meet our hero! (Warning: Image intensive.)

Meet Flamemaiden. )

Proper Hero Tactics 101 )

Minor complaints )

Anyway, the game's so addictive I probably shouldn't buy it, because it's been such a friggin' time-sink for me. I've barely been able to get anything useful done since I picked it up. So maybe I'll just finish the two weeks, hopefully make level 20 (already 13 after a week, so no problems expected there), and then retire from the public eye. Of course, without the big 14-day deadline hanging over my head, I can probably cut back to once or twice a week, but I'm not sure that's worth $30 (purchase price) for the first month plus $15 each additional month. Besides, it's not like I don't have plenty of other (already paid in full) games piled up and ready to distract me.

Still, I'll miss a few of my fellow heroes. Must remember to collect AIM addresses.


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