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About five months ago I wrote an analysis of who the final Cylon in Battlestar Galactica might be. It's here (and spoilerific). But I was watching some episodes with my brothers (who were catching up) just recently, and then it clicked. I know, with something like 90% certainty, who the final Cylon is. It's just too perfect not to be.

If you either want to figure it out for yourself, or are still catching up like my brothers are, or can't believe I'm geeky enough to write two posts on the subject, you can move on to the next post in your reading list. But if you're curious, read on. )
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Watching the Battlestar Galactica panel at ComicCon a couple weeks ago reminded me of the question on everyone's mind... okay ONE of the questions on everyone's mind: who's the last Cylon? The only information the audience could milk out of the panel was that the writers hadn't copped out by having it be some guy we'd never seen before. Big fat spoilers for BSG right up to Episode 4.10: Revelations )
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I'm overdue to put these up, but here's some of the fun scenes from AX:

Cut for large images, duh. )
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Here's your answer. I didn't have the endurance or the cash to spend all four days there (much less cough up for a hotel room), so I decided to go Monday only, which had the masquerade, less crowds, someone who could transport me, and absolutely nothing else going on that day that could interfere with my ability to attend. Naturally, to try to ruin that last factor, as of Sunday I was still recovering from feeling sick and groggy all the past week, and it wasn't until that evening that I was sure I was feeling well enough to attend the next morning.

Those without interest in anime won't care about or understand most of this; the rest, read on. )
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Think I'm about as prepped for the LSAT as I'm going to get. I've reviewed all the tips and tricks in the study book Allen let me borrow (thank you, Allen). I've gone through four practice tests and I didn't see any particular improvement between Test #3 and Test #4. Logic puzzle section keeps getting left unfinished when its 35 minutes are up, but I'm pretty much resigned to that by now; I'll feel really good if I can finish 75% of that come Saturday. I can still easily make 95th percentile with that score.

Anyway, the study book also recommends not to bother cramming or studying the night before; rather, do something enjoyable to set your mind at ease. I'm interpreting that as a command from the LSAT gods to watch Serenity Friday evening. (Everyone who hasn't seen the series yet, you have until midnight to buy, rent, or borrow the box set and watch all 12 episodes, so you're good and addicted come tomorrow. East Coasters, you may need to invent a time machine first.)
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I was flipping through a chapter-by-chapter review of HP6, written by someone who hadn't read a word of HP1-5. It's an interesting (and fun) perspective; you might find it worth reading as well, provided you don't mind seeing Ryoko bitch-slapped on occassion. It also has classic "newbie and knows it" lines like the following:

Judging from the description in the narrative, I'm assuming Snape is the sleepy-eyed guy who kind of looks like Edward Scissorhands if he got his hair done and spent the last several years eating nothing but lemons and rotten eggs for every meal. Without knowing who he was, the last time I saw Snape, he was bouncing up and down in a Livejournal icon. Reading this book was a calculated risk, because I knew going in that I'd see ridiculous LJ pictures being treated like fully realized characters, and I guess Snape is the first one out of the dugout.

But anyway, his review of the first chapter went in assuming that the Prime Minister, though never named in the book, is indeed Tony Blair himself. I'd assumed as much myself (though can someone remind me what year HBP is supposed to be? Blair took office in 1997, so it may still be John Major.) But then he refers to the PM as "Tony Blair" repeatedly, which really drilled the image into my head and got me thinking...

See, Blair has already made a cameo on the Simpsons, so he doesn't consider acting below his station. And the Harry Potter series is responsible for something like 80% of the GNP of Britain. (Okay, an exaggeration. Slightly. But it's still a HUGE deal across the pond.) So wouldn't it be both possible and incredibly cool for Blair to make a quick appearance as himself when HBP goes to theaters?
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We're also housebroken.

(And speaking of geekiness, for all two of you Whedon/Firefly fans on my flist who haven't gotten the word yet...)
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In the mood for a Joss Whedon binge, I picked up two books from the library: Fray (comic book collection about a slayer in the future) and Chosen (novelization of Buffy Season 7). Fray is some excellent work; kudos to both Joss for the writing and the art team for bringing his ideas to the page.

Chosen, on the other hand, reads like 700 pages of poorly-written fanfiction. I couldn't even finish the first "episode"; it was so painful. That one's going back to the library unread...
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*giggles insanely*
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You are probably wiser than I. But in case you want to catch up anyway, click here for an amusing summary of What's Gone Down in the Expanse. Spoilers, of course.
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For those of you who haven't heard yet, you still have time to swing by your nearest Circuit City and pick up Soul Calibur 2 (any system... assuming they haven't sold out) for twenty bucks.

Me, I've got asses to kick, weapons to buy, and Mina to unlock. See ya.
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Fans of Buffy may be mildly amused.

Fans of LotR will get a couple laughs out of it.

Fans of both (I'm talking to YOU, [ profile] chibiakki) are about to make everyone in earshot wonder just what could be so funny...

Game on!

Mar. 1st, 2004 11:20 pm
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I thought SILWest was gone for good after our Fearless leaders moved to Massachusetts, but I guess they consider it worth a flight back to sunny California every year or so. Rock.

Open invite to anyone who will happen to be in or around San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland that weekend.
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Spent the weekend at a LARP, as I've mentioned earlier. I don't think my team did all that well... guess it depends on how forgiving the others are? (Yeah, I made a few enemies. Didn't help that half my allies weren't cast; oh well.)

Still, it was a blast seeing all the old crew for one last bash. All the stuff I love: tons of subplots I never see coming, alternating between stress and silly insanity... Oh, and puns galore...

- The Emirs of the Elements: The Emir of Fire, Kynd Layn; the Emir of Water, Hafta Ghosun; the Emir of Air, Huriah Khan; and the Emir of Earth, Ylada Mudd. Also Banan Sheik, the Emir of Peanut Butter. (Don't ask.)
- The Archmage of the Great City, Ahrif Khay. He took over after his brother, Jayf Khay, was killed.
- The four heads of the Church: Cardinal Rhed, Cardinal Ordinal, Cardinal Rool, and Cardinal Synn.
- Other interesting fellows include Whadeen Fehgidoh, Bari Kudda (a sailor, naturally), Parsli the Sage, Mahatma Shus Magoat, Oddas Eben, Uwagi Inari, Ahl Yankowik, and Arush Limbah. Me, I was Adar Baksheesh... "baksheesh" means "bribe".

And yeah, I said one last bash. The head GMs are moving to Massachusetts this summer, and all the SILWest games are their property. They'll try to squeeze in a short, one-day event in May, but I just can't justify a flight home for that. (Maybe a drive, depending on whether it takes place in the middle of the weekend or not.) Anyway, any of you near Massachusetts, when SILEast forms, I'd recommend it to anyone.
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Just been too occupied to actually sit down and update this thing, that's all.

Moved into the new place... I'm sleeping in the living room again, as I stated, though it's nice and roomy this time. Also the floors are hardwood, which means my desk chair can roll to any point in the room MWAHAHA! ...ahem. Anyway, everything's finally in place, save for my books, which are stacked on the bookshelf in no order whatsoever, waiting to get organized. Not a priority at the moment.

When it seemed all hope had faded, SILWest went ahead anyway. We had a brief scare that not enough people were going to sign up, but we're now go, complete with casting for all who have sent in apps. Glad to hear it, as I'd already asked for my birthday present to be a flight home for the weekend, which was reserved almost a month before. Could have been embarrassing if the event got canceled... O_o

I have nothing else to say for the moment, other than that I find this quite amusing. Two Towers spoilers within.


Sep. 23rd, 2002 08:29 am
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SILWest lives!

*looks again* NO! I'll be at college that week!
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When it became evident that RPGamer was installing a whole new message board design (in the UBB standard, instead of the style we had gotten used to), you can bet we began to panic. But then, before we even had a chance to get noisy about it, this was posted.

You know, the RPGamer boardie community has this tendency to bash Mike Tidwell for any number of perceived slights: moderating, NOT moderating, putting in a new site design that messes with our layout, even allowing the site to crash! Sometimes I'm amazed he even puts up with us.
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Those of you were reading the site last May may remember a Double Agent article on Dogma 2001. Or, if you don't recall that much, Nich, Drew, and Andrew E.'s little contribution to the cause may ring a bell.

Well, I signed up for a game development course this quarter, and lo and behold, guess what the first reading assignment includes. (Go on, GUESS.) It'll be interesting to see how discussion goes tomorrow; regardless, I'll make sure to give Unlit Room the recognition it deserves.
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So gather up your jackets
and move it to the exits
I hope you have found a friend

Closing time
Ever new beginning comes
from some other beginning's end...

Everyone and their muse has talked about this already, and I don't have too much to say about it. (I am a little annoyed that they picked not only April Fool's Day to announce it, confusing the hell out of everyone, but the day that I had no access to the net and couldn't comment on it until everyone else had.) will be up in a month, hopefully with the same spirit of the earlier site. Until then, to all the staff of the GIA (especially the three who are most likely to read this journal), thanks for everything. I've been reading the site almost since I first started websurfing on a regular basis, and it's been my first source for any game news for as long as I can remember. Best of luck, guys.
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