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Briefly tried out a new LJ layout courtesy of [ profile] thefulcrum, which you may or may not have noticed, but it didn't stick. Still, a lot of the bits within were useful for some minor adjustments to my earlier style, so I plundered that knowledge in the spirit of the day.

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Question for all you icon-makers: is there a (free) way to rip a series of images out of a DVD for the purposes of making an animated gif? (Other than to take very precise individual screencaps.)

Failing that, a way to convert to MPEG or AVI? I can convert from there to image sequence.
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I discovered [ profile] potterpuffs and [ profile] potterpuff_fans recently, and I just had to filch a particular icon (credit has been given where due). And then decided that as long as I was at it, I'd fiddle with a few others. The Palpatine one was a last minute thing; it was originally just going to read "lol" or similar, but I thought of the Firefly ref and suddenly couldn't resist. If you think it would work better the other way (considering a) I've already got a Firefly icon and b) some people might not get the reference), let me know.
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Ask me one question - any one - about my writing, then post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours, not that you haven't already...

Those who have never written a creative word in their life may feel free to skip the second step, though I think this meme works best as a way for authors to exchange tips.
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I'm confident enough in my abilities that I think I can upgrade the site to use CSS. Two problems with that, though: CSS still isn't the most consistantly well-handled language, and I'm not sure those donating bios and boardfics will be able to work with the new system. (Of course, I generally let the boardfics remain in whatever format they're given in anyway.) So, time for some opinion grabbing.

[Poll #339096]

[edit] Meh, I forgot to include "3" as an option. Not really important, though... I've yanked it.
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Getting massive amounts of writing inspiration in the morning, right before you need to leave for work and be too busy to write it all down for twelve-plus hours. That's what sucks.

Speaking of work, latest sign of the company apocalypse: my boss talking about the "52 states" during a meeting. And not just talking about them; actually having "52 states" prewritten on his presentation, eliminating any possibility that it was a slip of the tongue.
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And just HAD to make this icon after that one scene.
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Taken from 19th century writer George Polti and upgraded for the new millennium, all thirty-sixseven dramatic situations!

Thanks to xaxnar for pointing it out.
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I know it's possible to make a GIF that fluidly animates on both major browsers: [ profile] mullenkamp uses one as her default icon. So how do I do it? I personally use Adobe ImageReady to construct my animation, but either I've got some setting wrong when I render it or I just need some other program, because it either flies by on Netscape or moves jerkily on IE depending on the delay time I set for each frame.

And while I'm on the subject, do any of my other animated icons seem to be moving too fast?
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I was mulling over the The Day After Tomorrow fic challenge and wondering if I could come up with something appropriate, but nothing was coming to me... until this morning, when this plotbunny smacked me upside the head and wouldn't shut up until I had finished typing the whole thing. Yes, I know [ profile] annisj suggested this fandom herself, but given how (and when) the series ended, it was just too bloody perfect. Enjoy.

Series finale Angel spoilers. )
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As a fan of Five Minute Voyager, I've occasionally toyed with the idea of writing my own fiver. But today I started typing out a few lines for one, just to get a feel for it, and suddenly the ideas started pouring out like crazy... ten hours and plenty of crumpled digital paper later I've got a complete rough for the first Five Minute Firefly: "Serenity". So much for my prior plans for the afternoon... Anyway, anyone who is a) interested in giving some constructive criticism for a fiver and b) familiar with Firefly, reply with some way for me to contact you (assuming I don't have a way already). I'll bounce it off you.

And speaking of writing... )
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I've been working on this icon for hours, trying to make my first smooth animation. I think it rocks as it is, but damned if I can get it under the 40 KB size limit without making it totally ugly. If I yank out too many frames, the animation gets choppy. If I cut down the number of colors below 32, it's a gravelly mess (and even 32 is a little scratchy). Part of the problem is that the background isn't even a constant, because the entire scene wobbles (for those who never saw the "AzuDai Web" mini-episode, Tomo's filming all this with a video camera and a somewhat unsteady hand). I briefly toyed with the idea of cutting the background out of every last frame, but after attempting it with just one, I realized it would a) be a LOT of work and b) look really weird when I was through.

Ironically, this was going to be my new "angry/frustrated" icon.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've gotten it down to around 50 or 60 KB; any additional ideas might be enough.

[EDIT: Here's the smallest version I've been able to create so far. Still slightly over the limit...]

[EDIT 2: It's up! Thanks, Shadey!]
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I was going to work on my thesis yesterday. I really was. Then suddenly, then of all times, I got inspired about how to do a little scene in Asunder (latest fic project). So I decided to work for an hour on that... and next thing I knew it was 2:30am and I had five more scenes plus the entire general layout written. And no thesis work done whatsoever. Great news for people like [ profile] thunderphoenix, who I know have been waiting for the completed version, but really bad for my thesis progress. Especially since now I'm too exhausted to even think straight.

I'm beginning to wonder if I should just drop from the project entirely. There are other people on the team, and I seem to be, if anything, holding them back. I've already had to apply for a personal thesis extension, while the overall project deadline remains steady at about two weeks from now. And it's not like a thesis is required to graduate; it just gives me that nice pretty "With Honors" slapped on the diploma. Not to mention the team leader probably couldn't get more fed up at me...

...then again, maybe it's just the exhaustion talking. *sighs* I'm meeting with the team in about half an hour anyway... we'll see what happens.
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As some of you might be aware, [ profile] red_shadow and I are planning to create the latest incarnation of an RPGamer Board Website. I've been puzzling over design possibilities, and one I've been considering, given the general layout we want, is to use frames. Now, although I believe I have a good understanding of frames, I've never used them on a public site because some people have been opposed to the design idea on principle. However, in this case, I believe it would make the site much more adaptable as the content expands. So I thought I'd take a public opinion poll of sorts on the matter.

[Poll #135775]

Any specific complaints and/or tips on how to make frames more user-friendly would also be appreciated.
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I've got a mess of kanji work and a couple worksheets due in two days. I've got a speech to memorize by tomorrow morning. I also need to cook dinner for the next few days before the fish goes bad. And yet the only thing I can concentrate on is this accursed plotbunny someone gave me (for something I have no intention of springing for another two or three months at the least, no less).

Stop bouncing around my head already! :p
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I haven't updated TOEMS in five months. Eesh. Had a lot of possible stuff to do with it, but it's all been sitting on the backburner...

Well, no more! *gets to work* Update before I leave in a week! My promise to you all!
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I've been planning to move TOEMS (yes, again) to DigitalRice, because United Net has been running a little slow (might have something to do with the server being on a different continent). I recently got approved for an account. So I start uploading... and find out I'm over the size limit. I could have sworn they said 10 Meg when I applied, but nope, I've only got 5 available. My site takes about 7 if I never expand it.

Guess I'm staying on United Net. And trying to figure out what to do with 5 Meg of webspace that doesn't allow outside linking. (At least, I think it's not allowed... Testing...
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Thanks to both the jumpstart I gave my mind Sunday, and activity on the boards a day later, I'm suddenly swamped with ideas. Which would be fine, except it's making it hard to do homework. >_


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