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Unless the question is "can you get anywhere near the inaugural parade without a ticket?" in which case, "No we can't!"

But I did get to park my feet near the Washington Monument and see the actual inauguration on a nearby jumbotron, alongside a huge and dense crowd (although everyone in my area laughed whenever we were told we could be seated... no, we couldn't do that either).

Yeah, it was cold. Very. And I got to walk the three miles from Arlington in it, because both the Metro and the buses were packed to the brim. And there was ice on the Potomac and the Reflecting Pool as I crossed them. I'm actually grateful for the crowds because they generated a lot of heat; I'm also grateful I grabbed that thick and toasty coat while I was home for Christmas.

A very respectful invocation by Rick Warren. Christian theology, yes -- I'd expect nothing less -- but with a nod to the fact that not everyone listening is Christian ("we are Americans, united not by race or religion or blood"). I also liked his "forgive us" part.

The Bush administration officially expired at noon. Biden was sworn in at 11:58 by my watch, but then there was a musical piece before Obama stood up there, which put him sworn in at about 12:05. So assuming my watch wasn't fast, Joe Biden was Acting President for about five minutes there. Of course, at 12:05, no one cared.

Here's his speech. Rather vague in his plans, but I like that; he knows that in a few hours he'll be getting his first briefing and will probably be forced to take a different direction to at least one of his goals. But the line I liked best was "To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist." If he holds to that "if", I'm all for that foreign policy. Reward those who treat their people and other nations well; shun those who don't.

Like I said, I couldn't get a spot near the parade, so I went home and watched it on TV. I'll give him points for stepping out of his car and walking a couple blocks to be more public (and show he's not the type to spend his term of office scared of nuts with guns or explosive vests). But Barack, why'd you talk Michelle into coming out with you? She's in heels!

No Inaugural Ball for me, thanks; if you want 150 bucks out of me for a ticket to a dance, you'd better have Obama himself show up (or at least Barbara Feinstein). I'm gonna defrost instead.
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Might I propose you watch a certain something cooked up by a bored Joss Whedon. It has superheroes (played by Malcolm Reynolds) and supervillains (played by Doogie Howser). And musical numbers. Yes, it's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

Timing is important. On Saturday, the third and final episode will be released on the web. By Monday, all three episodes will be removed, never to be made free again (although they will be released again in other purchasable formats). So take 40 minutes out of your day and enjoy, you won't regret it.


Mar. 10th, 2007 03:53 pm
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Always the multitasker, I spent this afternoon listening to this BBC program while balancing my checkbook. Interesting stuff for those curious about the big three Western faiths (or just perceptions of God in general), and handy material for the "seekers" out there. I found the interview with Rabbi Sacks the most fascinating of the three, but by all means, listen to all of them if you get the chance.

Besides, where else do you get to hear the Archbishop of Canterbury reference Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
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(And technical wizardry.)

(Video link, requires Flash.)
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They manage in Ghana...

EDIT: Natually, they move the article as soon as I link to it. Here's the Google cache for it until I can find the original.


Jul. 1st, 2006 11:55 am
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I'm not going to start voting Democrat at every election from here out, I'm not going to "see the light" and decide the Republicans have been manipulating me all this time. I don't even agree with all of his conclusions.

But this, I have a lot of respect for. Thanks for saying it, Senator.
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Have I mentioned how much Make a Wish Foundation rocks?
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I've been to the Army/Navy game myself, and I know how much it means to servicemen everywhere, so this is especially awesome to me.
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I can see how some might find the interface confusing, but I took to it surprisingly quickly, and with much less repetitive stress on my fingers.

Flash-based, so make sure you're up to date, then "Don't Click It".
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Always cathartic, always worth reading. PostSecret.
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That. Was. Awesome.

Webcomic fans, you have until Sunday before you have to pay for the priviledge again! Start reading!
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All hail Amy's awesome geekiness. (Especially check out the Abston project, which has a lot of great photos.)


Dec. 9th, 2004 04:15 pm
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How to write a Fan or Gaming Club charter.
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Haven't made an entry for a bit, so I'll catch up.

My parents have been on the East Coast since last Thursday, visiting with my little brother for Firstie Parent's Weekend (for those who don't speak Academy lingo, "firstie" = "fourth year Academy student"). This has left me to fend for myself. Pluses: No one to care what I do, so long as the house is still intact when they return; I get to use Dad's car so long as I keep it fueled (instead of my piece of junk). Minuses: No home-cooked meals. Oh well. One batch of pasta is enough to last me for days, so between that, soup, and sandwiches, I'm in good shape. Anyway, they'll be back Sunday night, so party at my place Saturday! You're all invited! ^^

Used part of this time to catch up on some Naruto. They just finished the second chuunin test. Yes, I'm THAT far behind.

This girl is a genius.

By this time tomorrow I will be a free man. I gave my boss nearly a month to get things in order and/or find a replacement, and true to form, he dragged his knuckles and assigned me a lot of pointless stuff, and is now paying the price: the big stuff isn't finished and won't be by the time I walk out the office door at 6pm tomorrow. Which is to my benefit, because he's brought up the idea of almost-rehiring me as a contractor. The idea has appeal. I'd have a lot more control over when I came in (assuming I have to at all; a lot of the big stuff can be done from home), and I could probably get $20 an hour out of him. Still probably won't earn as much overall, but I'll be working a LOT less, which will give me time to hunt for a more permanent job in the meantime. (Yes, I still haven't found a new job. Another good reason to accept.) And no benefits, of course, but I didn't have those to begin with, so...

Okay, opinions for those in the know about the tech market: here's my intended offer to him. Let me know if you think it's reasonable.
- I can refuse any assignment when it is offered. I cannot be told I must come to the office at a given time unless I have already agreed to.
- Web design projects: He gives me a deadline and the project requirements. I estimate how long it will take and base my fee off $25 an hour, more if it will require more than six hours a day to meet the deadline.
- Writing projects: He gives me a deadline and the project requirements. I estimate how long it will take to write three drafts and base my fee off $20 an hour, notifying him that each draft he asks for beyond the third will lead to a re-estimation of time, cost, deadline, and whether I'm willing to do it. (I know too much about how he works.)
- Showing up at the office for tech support/explaining something: $20 an hour, rounded to the nearest half-hour. Plus $20 just for showing up (hey, it'll take a hour just to get to the office and back!) so make it good.
- Answering questions over the phone about where file X is: no charge. However, if this is while I have an outstanding project, repeat or long calls will lead to re-estimates of the deadline.
- Per the agreement made as part of my resignation, he will get eight hours from me on a single day (Saturday, if I already have a new job at this point) to help train a replacement when he finds one. No charge.
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Interview with the Brothers Chaps.
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